Friends of Beurre: Fine French Cuisine

Blog Entry: Monday 27 Apr 2009

Friends of Beurre: Fine French Cuisine
A taste of France: Snails with garlic and herb butter
Continuing our International taste tour, our mouths are watering from the recipes by our French Friends of Butter featured in the Observer.

As former chef Fran Warde travels around France to find the most delicious and simple dishes from the country’s best bistros, she writes home with the best recipes so Guardian readers can try them out for themselves.

‘Glamorous comfort food – what’s not to love about the French bistro?’ she asks. ‘The restaurants that have been a part of the foodie landscape of France for over 200 years are fashionable once again, with big-name chefs returning to the recipes that have made bistros famous. The times seem to demand a soothing, satisfying style of cooking. However, you don’t have to cross the Channel to make the most of this renaissance. Here is a selection of the very best classic dishes, from snails in garlicky butter to the perfect fish stew…’

Mariner’s mussels from Normandy, cooked in butter, garlic, shallots, chilli and wine. Served with fresh parsley, zesty lemon and large quantities of bread.

Snails with garlic and herb butter from Paris, baked with buttery breadcrumbs.

Braised partridge and puy lentil pot also from Paris, with onion, garlic and smoked bacon gently sauteed in butter.

Fish stew from the Charente, with a rich yet fine buttery sauce made from the fresh juices created from cooking the fish, shellfish and vegetables in white wine.

Sautéed clam salad from Ile de Re, a simple summer recipe packed with sunshine and the delicious sweet-salty flavours of the sea. Great served with buttered sourdough bread.

Lemon tart from Cote D’Azur, a classic dessert which is served all over France combining sweet, crumbling pastry with rich, creamy citrus custard.

See all the recipes and learn ‘How to cook like the French’ with Fran Warde for the Observer.

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